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Do You Give Enemas to Yourself?


The usual for me. Took bag from hook under bath towels, hung it from showerhead with bag's bottom 20 inches above tub bottom. I filled it with 103 F water that had 1 tablespoon each of Sea Salt& Baking soda dissolved in the water. Purged air form the hose- inserted the well lubricated douche nozzle into me as I lay Sim's position in the tub. Took maybe 10 minutes slowly massaging belly as enema flowed slowly in using clamp for rests several times. Repeated procedure as described twice and achieved clear returns upon follow up rinses using shower shot device.

I prepared a strong Ivory soap enema with water at 108 degrees. I lubricated my rectum with my finger and then lubricated the nozzle. I then inserted the nozzle into my rectum as far as it would go, I then started the soapy water flowing into my rectum. It felt warm and then I had some cramping and had to stop the flow for a minute or two. Then while adjusting to the soapy water I rubbed my belly to help disperse the water inside me. I finished taking the 2qts and had a very satisfying elimination with cramping and gas that took about 20 minutes. I now need a warm water rinse enema.

I'm not hesitant to tell that I have much fun with my enemas, I enjoy the anticipation of preparing an enema--not only for the pleasant feelings. I consider my enema bag to my "friend-in-need". I enjoy inserting the Vaseline-coated nozzle in my rectum, snapping the clamp, and waiting for the "aahhhh-yes!" feeling of the soapy water going in me and gurgling up and over in my tummy. Then after the bag is empty, I also enjoy to hold it in as long as possible before going to the toilet. Even the expulsion is pleasant to me. I also admit that I find enemas to be a source of sexual pleasure, giving or enhancing wonderful orgasmic releases. Do any of you feel the same way?

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