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Have You Had an Enema in the Hospital?


The nurse came into room, advised me that would have to have an enema prior to the surgery scheduled for the next morning.  This was about 8:00 in the evening.  I was asked to get out of bed so a pad could be spread and then get back in and assume the Sims position. Nurse had brought a cart that had the equipment on it.  She went to the bathroom annex and prepared the enema, and after returning hung the bucket on the IV pole next to the bed. After telling me she was going to lubricate my rectum, she inserted a gloved finger into my rectum to spread the K-Y jelly she had put on her forefinger on my anus and into my rectum. She then inserted the tip that was part of the tubing into my rectum, released the clamp and allowed the warm, soapy water to run in. She told me to tell her if I became uncomfortable, had cramps, or thought I was becoming too full.

When the contents of the bucket had run in ( I was able to take all of the prepared fluid - about 1500ccs), she clamped the hose, pulled the tip out and told me to go to the bathroom and expel when I couldn't hold it any longer (that was as soon as I got to the toilet). I expelled it and bowel contents. Nurse remained outside until I was through, reminding me that she needed to check returns when I was through, so I should not flush. When I was done, I returned to the room, she went in the bathroom, and flushed.  She came back in the room, and took the equipment away after telling me that the enema had worked adequately and she would see me at bedtime to give me something to help me sleep, as she knew I was nervous about the up-coming surgery.

Before being discharged from being hospitalized for a bacterial infection I was given an enema due to constipation from meds. It was given by a nurse who had me kneel on the bed with my gown up to my shoulders. She used a clear plastic disposable bag with a long clear plastic tube. She stopped several times and massaged my tummy. I had to retain the enema several minutes before I expelled on the toilet.

One time I was at the doctorís office for something and mom was in the exam room with me. The doctor told the nurse to give me an enema. The nurse came in with a gown and told me to take off my clothes and put the gown on. It was the type that was open in the back. I was hesitating and very embarrassed but I finally put in on. She told me to get up on the table lying on side. She then put her finger in my anus with some kind of lube on it. I started to scream, cry and make a fuss. Mom came over and said if I donít stop she will really give me something to cry about and gave me a slap on the butt. I quieted down. Then the nurse came over with the enema bag and attached it to a pole next to the table. She then put the enema nozzle into my anus and turned it on. After a while I felt so full and said I canít hold it anymore. She said if I donít take the whole bag I will have to do it again. It was finally over and she took the enema hose out of me and put a towel between my butt cheeks. She told mom to squeeze my butt cheeks together so I could hold it in for a while. Finally the nurse said I could go to the bathroom and mom and I both ran. Mom was still holding the towel in my butt. When I got to the toilet I let it out. The nurse told us not to flush because she needed to look at it. It took a few minutes but it was all out of me. Well after it was over, thinking back it really wasnít bad.

I had never paid much attention to enemas until this trip to the ER when I was 35. I had discomfort and constipation for days, took some over the counter stuff, with no real results. Finally went to the ER, was examined and X-Rays. Doctor showed me the X-rays that my intestines were full. She came back in a few minutes and said I needed an "impaction cocktail." That's all she said.
A little later this young nurse comes in and checks my ID and told me to come with her. As we were walking back I asked why I was moving. She said "for privacy." I asked why I needed privacy to take some medicine, and she said, "Didn't the doctor explain? I have to give you an enema!"
Well she took me to this room in the back, and started to prepare the bag for the enema.
As she was hanging the bag on the IV hook, there was a knock on the door, and the girl said "I have what you asked for." The nurse told her to bring it in. It was one of the high school girls the hospital used as volunteers, carrying a pillow, and a bedpan. The nurse told her to put them on the bed and go. I said I didn't want to use a bedpan and she said it was "just in case."
She then instructed me to lie on my side, and take off my undies. She did not cover me with the sheet so I was lying there totally uncovered except for the hospital gown, while she proceeded to insert the enema. I was so anxious at that point, she couldn't put it in. I was told to relax!!! After 4 tries, she started the enema as she was inserting it, and finally succeeded. After a couple minutes, I asked to be covered, and she barely tossed the sheet on my legs. After the enema, I had to hold it for a while, and she pressed a cloth or something against me to hold it in. After which, I went to release it.
After a while, the doctor came in and said they needed to give me another enema. After what seemed like hours, there was a knock at the door, and a different nurse came in with the bag. I asked where was Erica (the one who gave me the first enema), and she said she went home.
This one at least covered me better, but I started cramping and she kept stopping it until they left, so it took a good while to give it.
By this time, even though I was mortified, I also had an arousal from the procedure, and when I got up so fast to run to the bathroom, it was visible as I rolled over.
The bathroom was across the hall from the room, and when I ran out to get there, there is one of those volunteer girls going into the bathroom. I said I needed the room right away and she just looked at me. Then the nurse came out of the room behind me holding the enema bag and said "I think you better let him use the room now."

The doctor has ordered her to receive an enema.

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A nervous patient gets a fleet enema.

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